Teams Using the Valle Shield

We're proud to be the #1 choice of MLB teams to keep players and coaches safe.

The Shield is now the #1 Safety Screen in MLB Batting Cages! Safety - durability - Mobility

The Valle Shield
with Accessories

Every part of The Valle Shield’s Patented design was developed to ensure it is the safest longest lasting hitting screen on the market. The patented front hanging net design eliminates virtually all ricochets back at the hitter and keeps any baseball or softball from hitting the metal frame and damaging it. No more dangerous ricochets off the batting cage ceiling or side poles! In just over 1 year , there are 26 MLB teams that have chosen to remove their conventional L-Screen and replace it with the Valle Shield.

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Redefine Safety; Forget about Ricochet

Keep you & your players safe during practice; order the Valle Shield today!

The Valle Shield Accessories

One of the best inventions ever for baseball.

Kevin Seitzer

Atlanta Braves Hitting Coach

...most versatile hitting screen I've ever been around.

Steve Singleton

Minnesota Twins Minor League Hitting Coach

...most protective and maneuverable pitching screen on the market.

Mike Roberts

Cape Cod League Head Coach and Chicago Cubs Consultant

I highly recommend it to all ages.

Albert Almora Jr.

Professional Player

Warranty Built To Last

The Valle Shield provides the best warranty of any hitting screen on the market. It has a three year limited warranty on the frame, with a one year limited warranty on the wing, rear wheels, front hanging net, and all accessories. When used as directed, the Shield’s unique design will keep any ball from directly hitting the frame, and as a result may last many years beyond the warranty. The front hanging net, that is virtually tension free and absorbs the impact of the ball as the main component of the Shield, should be inspected daily and  for safety,  be replaced yearly.