The Valle Silver Shield

Valle Silver Shield ( Out of Stock )


The Patented Silver Shield model is the perfect choice for any baseball or softball customer who has a smaller budget but still desires all the benefits of safety within a batting cage or on the ball field. The Silver model, just like the Pro Black Shield, has the patented Front Hanging Net design, that will virtually eliminate all ricochets back at the batter, and can have both the Wing and Overhead Protector accessories attached, for additional safety from ricochets off the ceiling or from balls hit back at the thrower when throwing overhand batting practice.
Whereas the Pro Black Shield is designed for protection and longer life of the screen, when extreme high velocity batted balls, that Major League Baseball teams will experience, the Silver Shield with its #84 netting on the Front Hanging Net, is perfectly suitable for Little League to College level and training facilities, backyard home batting cages, at a price that is extremely affordable.

Out of stock